October 15, 2013

Letter to my sons:


      Dear boys,

When I was a little girl I always imagined I would have one boy, and one girl.  
I was a bit surprised to end up raising two boys!

That said, it was somewhat of a relief when boy #2 joined our little world... I knew 
you would always have a playmate in each other (I prayed the age difference 
wouldn't come between you).

While your relationship started out a bit rocky I've really seen it blossom through the years.

I watched as you, 'Half Pint' ignored the new baby (now 'Monkey Boy') in the hospital room... then when grandma asked you where your brother was you went and pointed him out.  Everyone ooohed and ahhhed over how cute and sweet you were.

Then you loved him.

You showed him off.

You loved on him.

You helped me by bringing me diapers or wipes, bringing him a pacifier, and all those special big brother jobs.  You would even bring Monkey Boy toys to play with!

But then it happened.  
He learned to crawl.  
He got into any toy he wanted. 

Your toys.

Suddenly our little monkey was getting on your nerves (and you on his)!

But what really amazed me is that even when you boys drove each other crazy you still missed each other when 
you were apart.  Both of you would ask for the other during nap times.  Half Pint, you would try to sneak
 into Monkeys room to wake him up during nap time even, just so you could play together!

As we have traveled to various bases (in different states as well as different countries), 
and new friends had yet to be made, you played together.  You are friends.

Best friends.


You always know you could count on
each other... to laugh at each others
jokes - or funny noises (even when we,
as your mature parents, roll our eyes).

Monkey boy looks up to you Half Pint...
you are his big brother and he likes to
copy you.  He also finds confidence
when you are there, and you have helped
 him overcome his shyness several times
already... just by being there with him.

I love that you can give each other
courage and joy without even trying.

Oh, it is still love and hate some days.  You know how to push each others buttons... 
you wrestle on the ground together (and inevitably someone gets hurt), 
you complain that he's playing with YOUR toy.  But you also have your own special way. 

 A way you play together. 

 A way you speak together.... a special language of your own, kind of like twins do
 (but you are almost 3 years apart in age)!

 I hope you always have that bond.  Always remember that you are brothers.
                                                             Brothers for life.
                                                                         Like it or not.

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  1. Such a heartwarming letter, Laurie. That first crawling picture is just priceless!!

  2. Monkey Boy and Half Pint! I love it! Brothers are so special!

  3. Oh, my gravy! I love your boys :)

  4. So best! I love seeing the years of connection & joy between them--I can't get enough! Love that last picture too--real and funny ;)